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    Elissa Tracy: From Selfies to the Blonde Baroness
Pop Art with a Bang!


LOS ANGELES, CALIF. – (June 1, 2014)  “Elissa Tracy is Lichtenstein in latex; she's a Catwoman Warhol”

Elissa Tracy is a unique, bold, pop culture artist with a signature style.  Think Warhol meets Dali.  She has mastered the art of thick acrylic paints and deep, potent colors giving vibrant flair to the familiar and an allure to the abstract, creating her own twist of sub styles that include; pop icon portraits, abstract expressionism, free style street art and comic book heroes with rebellious charm.

Drawn to, “brass, black sheep”, pop culture icons, Tracy explains that “People like Andy Warhol, Jimmy Hendrix and Marilyn Monroe, were all very shy and reserved in their personal lives, but so driven by their artistic fire.  They became icons even bigger than life.”

AKA: The Blonde Baroness: Proving that art can have impacts far beyond the “art world”, Tracy has grown a mass social media following nearly hitting (HOW MANY?) in less than a year and her “Blonde Baroness” alter ego has become a cultural icon both in paint and real life. What started with her painting the iconic GI Joe series of the 80’s, inspired Tracy to attend Comic Con dressed as the Baroness character – striking a remarkable resemblance except for her own natural blonde hair. Immediately “outed” by the hard core G.I. Joe fans for not being the brunette “true to the comic,” Tracy embraced her controversial character as the "Blonde Baroness” rule breaker and she has since become a Comic Con icon with a growing fan base. She also has a top production studio (Pit Viper Studios) custom designing the entire “Blonde Baroness” costume from head to toe.

Her alter ego allows Tracy a new aspect to her personality which she describes as being introverted and intense. “Dressing as the strong Baroness character, and then painting a self-portrait as her, is like exposing the raw image of certain facets of my own self on canvas and putting it out there for all to see,” she reveals.

The Selfies Series:  Tracy’s newest series, “Selfies” reflects the most iconic portraits of pop culture today.  Selfies is a term that, until recently, did not exist in our lexicon. 

Whether they reflect narcissism, addiction, and a serious mental disorder, or simply a healthy sense of self, Selfies are a digital age phenomena that are now a part of our personal and social landscape.  As with the most impactful works of art, Tracy’s Selfies series allows the viewers to bring their judgments and interpretations to her work. Tracy’s controversial paintings do not judge, but mirror the phenomena.

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