Elissa Tracy’s paintings are capturing the eyes of the fine art world and pop culture enthusiasts alike, with her bold and dynamic pieces

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. – (FEBRUARY 1, 2014) – Part abstract expressionism, part pop-art, painter Elissa Tracy, brings to life two distinct sides of her artistic vision through contrasting collections that each feature equally vibrant and visually stunning pieces.

Working primarily with pallet knives, strong pigments and thick acrylic paints, Tracy’s paintings vary between her vibrant, large-scale and textural abstract expressionist paintings, and her geek-chic, nostalgia-fueled works celebrating the heroes and villains of the iconic “G.I. Joe” action figure series.

Though vastly different at first glance, both the abstracts and character portraits are similarly bold and striking, evoking visceral and emotional reactions.  And, both painting styles depict eye-catching representations of the artist’s own life and emotions on canvas.  The intriguing depth conveyed in the abstracts reveals the inner-monologue of the artist, while her G.I. and Cobra characters seem to leap into action off the canvas and into her public life, where she’s surrounded by vintage action figures and the crowds at pop-culture conventions. 

When first introduced to the G.I. Joe world in 2010, Tracy immediately gravitated toward the vibrant packaging and kitschy backstories that came with each figurine.  While the action figure fleet is primarily male, Tracy was soon fascinated by the femme fatale villainess, “The Baroness.” Not only did the sultry anti-hero become the first subject of her G.I. Joe series, but also an alter go for Tracy herself.   Today she even attends San Diego’s Comic Con and other events around the country decked out as her alter ego: The Blond Baroness.

Painting is both my passion and my emotional outlet.  In my life I can be very reserved and introverted, and always I’ve felt like my artwork comes from deep within my subconscious. This means taking chances, being spontaneous and not doing the same thing over and over again." says Tracy

“With my work, I can put myself – the love, fear, heartache and elation of my life – into my abstract pieces, while the G.I. Joe pieces depict an other-worldly sense of strength and confidence that inspires me and provides a, that’s fun and empowering,” continued Tracy, elaborating on her journey into painting and how both of her styles are essential to personal growth and creative process.

Coming next from artist Elissa Tracy, is a new free form series of paintings, set to expand on her modern abstracts, with additional layered elements inspired by outdoor graffiti and street art.  The new series will also involve new mediums such as acrylic spray paints, collage elements with the addition of three-dimensional objects and textures.  Tracy is also slated to continuously debut new G.I. Joe paintings featuring characters both famous and infamous, as we all as new art featuring rare and relatively unknown special edition figures from the series, toys and films.


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About Elissa Tracy

A former professional photographer, Tracy initially honed her eye for capturing light, line and composition while working all over the world as a published, commercial and editorial photographer.  Tracy recently rediscovered her true calling – painting – and decided to put her full self into making her art her profession as well as her passion.  Through her painting work Tracy has already amassed a large social with over 70,000 Facebook and 100,000 Instagram followers and growing.